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Class 3KC

Welcome to Class 3KC!


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Miss K Charlton – Class Teacher

Mrs L Nisbet – Teaching Assistant

Thursday 18th October 2018


Welcome to our brand new class page! We are very excited to share some of our work, achievements and goals with parents and carers on this page. Please keep checking every half term to find out what we have been up to in Year 3KC as we are always having lots of fun and doing lots of learning.

Summer in Y3KC

During summer term, year 3 will be learning all about pirates and how they navigated the seas. Look out for lots of photos and examples of excellent work across the curriculum between now and the well-deserved summer break!

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Our Maths Heroes this term are:


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Our Writing Heroes this term are:



Our Reading Heroes this term are:


Spring in Y3KC

The children have really enjoyed our topic about Romans this term. They have learned all about what life was like on Hadrian's Wall before, during and after the Roman invasions of Britain.

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We have really been stretching our maths brains in year 3! The children are becoming experts in multiplication and division. We are all trying our very best at the moment to learn our 3, 4 and 8 times table off by heart. We practice with either Miss Charlton or Mrs Corkin, our lovely Acting Deputy Head, every morning. We play games like Hit The Button, Hot Potato and Beat the Teacher to enhance our skills. 

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Our Maths Heroes this term are:

Kian, Ruby, Jack, Amy, Grace, Lewis, Alfie, Laura, Maisie, Miley, Jack, Mia.

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We have been studying the classic Roman myth Romulus and Remus (image taken from

Firstly, we discussed the differences between myths and modern stories - myths are a traditional tale usually based on a period of history from a long time ago where the characters have a choice to make.

The children have really enjoyed learning the story of the two brothers who founded Rome.


Additionally, children have written some absolutely wonderful letters based in Roman Britain times. Initially, the children wrote fictional informal letters home to their families and friends from the Roman Army. Next, the children adapted their tone and form for a new audience - Emperor Hadrian himself! The children each wrote a formal letter to the Emperor to convince him that they were worthy of being part of his army. Of course, he agreed and found himself 25 brand new recruits!

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Our Writing Heroes this term are:

Holly, Jayden, Dylan, Kian, Kaiden, Alfie, Nathan, Ruby, Laura, Isabelle, Fearne, Josey.


Our Reading Heroes this term are:

Jack, Rainer, Amy, Kaiden, Jaydon, Ruby, Isabella, Maisie, Lewis, Miley, Nathan, Grace.

Our Class Trip to Segedunum

Autumn in Y3KC

This term, the children have been learning all about the Stone Age and Iron Age. They have explored what life would have been like for them if they were a 'caveman'. 



We have loved learning lots of new maths this term! 

We have practiced our mental arithmetic skills, become place value experts, explored perimeter and now we are moving on to addition and subtraction, which we will continue after our well-deserved break.


Children have been truly outstanding in their efforts on their journeys to becoming mathematicians. They have blown us away with their prior knowledge and their willingness to try new things so far this term. As a class, we have used lots of concrete resources - such as Base 10, place value counters and number lines - to secure our understanding of hundreds, tens and ones and the number system. All children are now confident in their abilities to work with numbers up to 1,000 - some are even confident with numbers beyond 1,000! Keep up the excellent work!


Here are some photos of our maths display, our work and us working together during maths lessons:

Marvellous Maths


Our Maths Heroes this term have been:

Chloe,  Aaron, Kaiden, Ruby, Laura, Holly, Nathan, Kian, Dylan, Alfie, Isabelle and Josey.

We have enjoyed our Stone Age Stories!

During English lessons this term, we have focused all of our work around the Stone Age. We have looked at narratives, letter writing, non-chronological reports and instructions. The children have really enjoyed using the Stone Age to base our work on and they have enjoyed reading Stone Age stories as well as non-fiction texts.


The children have all written their very own stories based on Satoshi Kitamura's lovely story, Stone Age Boy. A short book about a modern-day boy who finds himself in the Stone Age! We discussed how to write exciting openings, spectacular similes and write well-rounded characters before the children began. Some of the results were absolutely tremendous - I am sure we will see some on bookshelves soon!




Next, we looked at reading and writing instructions. We started off by identifying the features and the language used in instructions. We looked at imperative verbs (bossy words), time adverbs (now, next, first) and writing short, concise steps that would be easy to follow. After becoming familiar with reading instructions, we decided to write our own! During History lessons, children have been learning about the prehistoric settlement of Skara Brae. The children decided they wanted to make their very own Stone Age bone necklaces like the ones that were found there - so we did! We had lots of fun making the necklaces then writing instructions all about it.



Our Writing Heroes this term are:

Mia, Levi, Lewis, Miley, Fearne, Nathan, Jaydon, Maisie, Kian, Isabella, Grace, Aaron.



Our Reading Heroes this term are:

Alfie, Maisie, Josey, Jack, Amy, Fearne, Laura, Jayden, Dylan, Miley, Ruby, Rainer.