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Paediatric Roadshow at South Tyneside Hospital


What a fantastic morning we had when we visited South Tyneside Hospital. First we visited the plaster room and Cory was very brave when he had a plaster put on his arm. Luckily his arm was not broken and the nurse took it off before he came back to school!

Then we looked at some of the special machines that may be used if we have to visit the hospital. Sophie put a special clip on her finger to see how much oxygen was in her blood and Archie had a special cuff put on his arm to check his blood pressure.

We then had lots of fun playing doctors, nurses and paramedics. We dressed up, put bandages on our friends and listened for their heartbeat with the stethescope.

All of the children then got very excited when we met the hospital's pets as therapy dog. He enjoys visiting the wards in the hospital and cheering people up when they are feeling poorly.



Balance Bike Training

The children have been working really hard learning how to ride a balance bike.

Our Independent Cooking Station

During the year we have experienced lots of cooking as a whole class and in small groups. We have extended these experiences by setting up an independent cooking station. Children have the opportunity to follow a recipe and make themselves a single sized portion of some of their favourite dishes. They also get the opportunity to discuss with a partner what they need to do. Keep checking back to see all of the things that they have made.

Snacky Maths and Literacy

Practising our maths and literacy skills at our snack table.

Picture 1 How many cubes to balance our piece of fruit?
Picture 2 How many cubes to balance our piece of fruit?
Picture 3 How many cubes to balance our piece of fruit?

Red Nose Day

We raised lots of money for charity on Red Nose Day. We enjoyed completing lots of activities including pinning the nose on Mr Tumble and designing our own red noses.

World Book Day - The Enormous Crocodile

What a fantastic day we had celebrating World Book Day. The children looked absolutely amazing in their costumes! They had lots of fun making the enormous crocodile (both in card and biscuits), reading with their families and reading with the older children in the school.

Reception visit Durham Castle

We had a fantastic day at Durham Castle. We looked around the building and found out about all of the things that make it special. We also had a go at making our own castles and building a strong wall.

Our Castle Banquet

What a fantastic afternoon we had at our castle banquet. We enjoyed dressing up and were introduced like royalty as we entered the banquet hall.

The children learned how to dance with their partner, entertained the King and Queen on the top table, and ate the pizza that they had made on the morning.

Archie the fabulous mathematician!

Archie the fabulous mathematician!  1
Archie set himself a challenge to write numbers to 100! He kept coming back to the task over the course of 3 days. He was very proud of himself. Well done! 

Alex wrote an amazing story. He used lots of the sounds he has learned in phonics. Well Done!

Alex wrote an amazing story. He used lots of the sounds he has learned in phonics. Well Done! 1 Page 1
Alex wrote an amazing story. He used lots of the sounds he has learned in phonics. Well Done! 2 Page 2

Multi Sports Event

Wow! What a fun afternoon we had at Temple Park Leisure Centre. We took part in lots of different activities including, boccia, basketball, football, relay races and tennis. All of the children enjoyed the activities and they were really well behaved and a credit to our school.

Chinese New Year

Wow! What a busy week we had celebrating Chinese New Year in Reception.

We had a go at lots of different activities:

  • writing our name in Chinese
  • tasting prawn crackers, noodles and spring rolls.
  • writing Chinese numbers in the sand.
  • picking up 'noodles' with chopsticks.
  • making Chinese dragons.
  • painting blossom trees.
  • writing about what we had found out.

Fun in the Snow

Fun in the Snow 1
Fun in the Snow 2
Fun in the Snow 3
Fun in the Snow 4
Fun in the Snow 5
Fun in the Snow 6
Fun in the Snow 7
Fun in the Snow 8
Fun in the Snow 9
Fun in the Snow 10
Fun in the Snow 11
Fun in the Snow 12
Fun in the Snow 13

Family Maths Project - Alex Smith

Family Maths Project - Alex Smith 1 Alex made a 3D Iron Man at home.
Christmas Party
We had a brilliant time at our Christmas party! We played pass the parcel, corners, musical bumps and lots of other fun games. We danced our socks off and enjoyed eating our party food!

Boldon Environmental Centre Elf School


Christmas Lunch!
We enjoyed our Christmas lunch, it was very yummy!
Pirate Party Day!
To end our 'pirate topic', we had a pirate party! We dressed up as pirates and participated in lots of fun activities. We made sausage rolls for the party, which tasted amazing! We had to walk the plank, jump, side step but also walk backwards, it was a little tricky but we managed! We had a brilliant time!  
Reception Parents Lunch
Thank you to all the reception parents who came in to school to have lunch with us! We loved having you join us and the lunch was delicious!
Our school always cooks lovely, healthy meals!

Children in Need 2018
We had lots of fun celebrating Children in Need. We have enjoyed decorating biscuits, playing Pudsey maths games, making hats and lots more exciting activities! Thank you for all of your donations!


Destination Judo


We were very lucky to take part in a Judo taster session. We played lots of games and even learned how to perform the 'lockdown' hold.


Forest Views Dance-A-Thon

We all had fun when we took part in the dance-a-thon. Baby shark and Gummy Bear were two of our favourite songs but we really enjoyed dancing to all of them. We have some fantastic movers in Reception! Thank you for all of your donations. Archie raised the most money in our class. A massive £60. Well done!


Fun in the rain

We put on our waterproof suits and wellies and had lots of fun in the rain.

Halloween In Reception

Wow! What a busy week we have had in Reception! We have enjoyed playing in our spooky house, carving pumpkins, playing maths games, making spiders and lots more.

Potion Making

The Little Red Hen and Bread Making

We read the story of the 'Little Red Hen' and found out how to make bread. We really liked the part where the hen took the wheat to the mill and it was ground into flour. We had a try at making our own bread with flour that had been bought at the shop. The children were very good at kneading and as you can see the baked products looked delicious! The children couldn't wait to take the bread home to eat it. They discussed all of the things that they were going to spread onto it. Some popular choices were butter, strawberry jam, chocolate spread, peanut butter and marmalade.

Everyone was given a recipe to take home so that they could make their own bread. Hopefully we will be able to upload some photos of the bread that the children have made at home after half term.

Fruit Kebab Patterns


We have been learning all about patterns. We chose the fruit that we wanted on our kebabs and made a pattern with it. Some of us used 2 fruits and some of us used 3 fruits. 

The Gingerbread Man

We have been reading the story of the Gingerbread Man, so we decided to make our own. Luckily they didn't jump out of the oven like they did in the story! Everyone agreed that they tasted delicious.

Picture 1

Smelling and tasting senses activities

We really enjoyed using our nose to try and guess what was in the cups. We liked some of the smells but we really didn't like some of them.  We tasted things that were sweet, sour, bitter and salty and tried to work out which each food eaten was. 

Smelling and tasting activities