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Late/Absence Procedures

At Forest View Primary School, we expect parents to collect their children at the end of their pre-agreed session, (lunchtimes or end of the school day), unless they have signed an agreement allowing their children to go home alone (junior children), see appendix (1). If a parent is aware they are going to be late, they should try to find someone else to collect their child and telephone the school to inform them who the person is. If they are unable to find someone else, they should telephone the school so that we are aware there is a problem, and so that we can allay children’s anxieties about being ‘left’ at school. If a child has not been collected within 10 minutes of the end of a session, and we have not been contacted by a parent, then the following steps will be taken:


1. The school will ring the emergency contact numbers provided – i.e., parents’ work, home and mobile numbers.

2. If unsuccessful, emergency contact numbers of a friend or other family member will be called.

3. If none of the registered parents/carers or alternatives can be contacted within 45 minutes of the end of a session, Social Services Out of Hours Emergency Team will be telephoned by the school, who will then follow their procedures.

4. Full details of incidents of late collection or uncollected children will be recorded in our late book.


This policy also applies to collection of children from after school clubs, which we will ask parents to withdraw their children from, if there are three incidents of late collection.