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Bling your bike or scooter. Healthy Lifestyles Week competition ideas

Blinging your bike or scooter is a brilliant way to strut your creative stuff and put your stamp on your own bike or scooter.

 Here are a few typical ingredients that every budding blinger should have:

• Brightly coloured paper or card

• scissors

• sticky tape

• cable ties

• sticky tack or glue

• scraps of furry/ fluffy/ animal

print/ fluorescent material

• pipe cleaners, ribbon and

squares of felt

• coloured pens, pencils,

crayons or non-smudge paints


Things to remember

• If using glue, paint or permanent markers, make

sure you are very careful not to get things where

they shouldn’t be.

• Be super careful with scissors and glue, or make sure someone's there to keep an eye on things.

• Make sure that your bike costume isn't permanent and that you can put things on and remove them easily.

• Don't get superglue on your brakes or cut through any cables!

• Make sure things are fixed or attached well so nothing drops off as you parade around the park or cycle along the road.

• Above all, make sure that your bike remains safe to ride and that you can steer, brake and see all around you as normal.