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Harvest Festival (Reception and Key Stage 1)

On Wednesday 23rd October the children in Reception and Key Stage 1 invited their families to share our harvest celebrations with them. Each class sang their own song and everyone joined in with two other songs. The children in Year 1 and Year 2 did a fantastic job of retelling the story of the Enormous Turnip. We were all very proud of Darci Warwick who wrote her own harvest poem at home and then shared it with everyone at our celebration.


Reception and Key Stage One’s Harvest Festival 2019


Introduction               Lacey Gartland       

Whole Group Song             Thank you God for the Harvest


Reception                             Mr Scarecrow

Reception/Year 1          Dingle Dangle Scarecrow               



The Story of ‘The Enormous Turnip’


Archie McGann                            Old Man

Phoenix Elsy                               Old Woman

Alex Smith                                Little Boy

Anna Vickers                              Little Girl

Lilly-Mae Edgerton                        Big Dog

Ellis Cain                                  Black Cat

Chloe Dunn                                         Little Mouse


And all of our narrators from KS1

Darci Warwick, Jay Spence, Eve Laidler, Phoenix Miller, Lenica Cruickshanks, Khloe Barry, Joshua White, Gabby Carson, Riley Roberts, Connor Petrie, Alfie Griffiths, Leah Hamilton



Year 1/2                     A Song for Harvest

Year 2                        Picture of Autumn


Whole Group Song            Big Red Combine Harvester


We will finish with Darci Warwick reading her Harvest poem that she wrote by herself at home.


Farewell                                      Ryan Payne