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Our School Houses

At Forest View, we have 5 houses, which all of the children are sorted into. They earn house points for good behaviour, hard work, and politeness. These house points are counted up weekly, and the house with the most points at the end of the term wins the house treat.


We have house captains, and vice house captains, who encourage the children around school to be polite, behave well and work hard, to gain as many house points as possible for their house. They are good role models for their houses. They were elected during a house meeting on Friday 12th September, by the rest of the children in their house.


You can find the current house point totals on our homepage.


Meet the house and vice house captains:


Spruce 1 Kaci Young Year 6 House Captain
Spruce 2 Amy Hampton Year 5 Vice-House Captain


Oak 1 Corey Cheetham- Gray Year 6 House Captain
Oak 2 Kyle Bradford Year 5 Vice-House Captain


Redwood 1 Charlie Thompson Year 6 House Captain
Redwood 2 Princess Saunders Year 5 Vice- House Captain


Cherry 1 Jackson Wood Year 6 House Captain
Cherry 2 Shauna Stephenson Year 6 Vice-House Captain


Maple 1 Leah Mather Year 6 House Captain
Maple 2 Leah Carson Year 5 Vice-House Captain