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Sporting Achievement Hall of Fame

Well Done Grace!

Well Done Grace! 1

During the Easter Holidays I took part in an exam for my musical theatre. This includes drama, dance, acting and singing. After a few weeks I went to collect my results to see if I had passed or failed. I found out that I had passed with honours and my score was 96%. On Saturday I went to a presentation and I received this lovely golden trophy. I attend NU Dance Performance and Fitness. 


Grace Cuniff

Wow Joshua!

Wow Joshua! 1

I won my trophies at a dance competition. The big blue trophy is for my solo dance and I came 1st place. The smaller silver and gold trophy is for the duet that I competed in and we came 2nd place. The smallest trophy was for my quad dance and we came 3rd place. I also danced with my whole crew and we came 1st place! We were awarded with a medal.


Joshua Moore

Well Done Lexi!

Well Done Lexi!  1

I won this trophy for second place in a free style competition. I dance every Wednesday with my dance club and I love it! 

Lexi Smith