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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Mrs E Cook - Headteacher

Ms T Johnson – Deputy Headteacher, SENDCo, Gifted and Talented & Educational Visits Co-ordinator


Mrs S Archer – Improving Outcomes Manager, Maths & MFL Co-ordinator and Year 2 teacher

Miss K Waugh – Improving Outcomes Manager, Healthy Schools & School Council Co-ordinator and Reception teacher

Mrs A Williams – Improving Outcomes Manager, Science & DT Co-ordinator and Year 6 teacher


Mrs R Brown – English Co-ordinator and Year 4 teacher

Miss K Charlton - Computing Co-ordinator and Year R/1 teacher

Mrs L Pearce - Year 3 teacher

Miss A Rutherford - RE Co-ordinator and Year 1/2  teacher

Mrs V Thompson - PE & Art Co-ordinator and Nursery teacher

Mrs G Wall - History & Geography Co-ordinator and Year 5 teacher

Mrs J Waudby – Assessment & Music Co-ordinator and Year 6 teacher


Mrs A Jordan – HLTA

Mrs K Maddick – HLTA

Miss A Cormack – Early Years Support Assistant Reception

Mrs K Kennedy – Early Years Support Assistant Nursery/Reception

Miss J Prior – Early Years Support Assistant Year 2

Mrs G Ghent – Teaching Assistant for Year 4

Mrs L Nisbet – Teaching Assistant for Year 5

Miss K Oldfield – Teaching Assistant for Year 6

Mrs C Smith – Teaching Assistant for Year 3

Miss J Waldron – Teaching Assistant for Year 1/2


Mrs J Peel – Admin Officer

Mrs B Golding – Admin Assistant

Mr K Brooks – Caretaker

Miss C Black – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs J Gray – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs C Slesser – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs J Smedley – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs S Whitelaw – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs T Woodmass – Supervisory Assistant

Mrs J Bell – Cleaner

Mrs S Dowens – Cleaner

Mr D Dunn - Cleaner

Mrs J Jobson – Cleaner